New Features Ideas

Do you have in mind a cool new feature for ReadonlyREST? (1)
Configurable readonlyrest.yml location (6)
OpenID Connect support (9)
Multiple LDAP servers (8)
Save variables in elasticsearch.keystore (3)
Use externally provided group as acl variable (5)
Standalone ACL runner (4)
Index the audit entries to different cluster (4)
Allow any jwt field to be used as an acl variable (1)
Create specific log fields to match the message details (3)
Split ROR configuration into multiple files (1)
Auth_key_sha256 for password only (8)
RoR plugin elk stack manager (3)
Monitoring plugin in ROR (5)
Kibana plugin enhancement (14)
LDAP User Based Authorisation (3)
Hide "write" UI elements for RO users? (kibana / PRO) (2)
Cross cluster search support (2)
Enable rule to prevent returning specific field to bulk query (7)
Audit log to optionally log executed queries (6)
Add auth_key bcrypt hash (2)
Roll up/Clean Up - ROR Audit indices (6)
[Feature Request] Field level security: Filter out fields/sourceparts from a search response (6)
[DONE] Move settings to config/raedonlyrest.yml ( 2 ) (23)
Document level security (3)
Group tenant_displayname (1)
Certification SSL SAP HANA (1)
Authenticate using client certificate on SSL connection (1)
Allow lists and wild cards for kibana_index (2)
Integrate with windows installer (2)