Add features and external integration

Hi ,
i want to add some features to readonlyREST , like based role authentication/Authorization ,privilege management, integration of Keycloak !
is that possible ? and how is that ?
thanks for your help

Hello @zineounalli!

First of all, developer to developer, thank you for thinking about our project as one of your open source contributions this year!

Contributions are very welcome, and we encourage a discussion about the over all design the contributed features before you take all the effort of spending time in creating the code.

First of all, please have a look at our contributor license agreement and make sure your employer (if any) agrees on signing that too.

If all is clear, we could start discussing a bit:

  1. what you want/need to achieve in the first place, in terms of final technical requirements
  2. if it’s already possible without writing any code
  3. If we can create or improve the current user experience in the use case at hand

For example, we have customers already using Keycloak via ReadonlyREST for Elasticsearch’s JWT connector as an integration point.

Could you describe how you envision the role based access control in ROR and how it would fit within the existing ACL model?

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We published a guide on how to integrate Keycloak with ReadonlyREST Enterprise via SAML.

Keycloak works really well, highly recommended!

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