Cannot login to PRO account


We cannot login to our PRO account to download the upgrade for Kibana. We paid in May 2017 so it is not expired yet.

Can we have our account restored, please

Hi @nan008!
You don’t need to login there anymore to download the PRO plugin, your email will be recognised automatically by the download form (use the ‘Product’ drop-down menu to select PRO).

The Plasso access doesn’t work just because your plan is the early access one, which is been grand fathered.

We will have to manage then, I am not very happy about this change as the account is open on my manager’s email, so every time one of us wants to download something we will have to go and ask for him to forward the links. So what will happen in May when we are up for renewal? We just do not login? Create new account?

Hi @nan008, you porobably still have the link to the old Plasso plan in the receipt email. If not, I can link it to you as it’s still active, just not linked anymore in the website.

For the download form, I can add your personal email as secondary address and you will not need your boss to forward you anything. Please send me your preferred email address.

@nan008 is this resolved?