CompositeIndicesRequest in SearchTemplateRequest

I’m receiving those strange errors in my elastic:

Found an instance of CompositeIndicesRequest that could not be handled: report this as a bug immediately! SearchTemplateRequest

REFLECTION: Failed to set indices for type SearchTemplateRequest in req id: XXXXX

I’m using the 6.5 elasticsearch and 1.17.2 version of free readonlyrest plugin.

Can you help how to proceed ?


Hi @Sinedko,

Thanks for reporting. You are using the mustache script module, right? We will take care of this.

yes, i’m using that mustache module.

Thank you !

for the internal records, this is in Jira with id RORDEV-75


Do you have any update for that ?

Thank you.

@coutoPL do we have updates on this?

Not yet, but it’s in current sprint.

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