Disable home screen

I recently upgraded to 1.16.33_es6.4.1. On first login, we direct our users to their dashboards via “app/kibana#/dashboards?_g=()” deep linked through JWT.

After upgraded, they are now directed to this home screen on first login:

Users have never seen this screen before and is causing confusion. Can we disable the home screen all together (because we disable APM, Logging, Metrcis, etc)

I figured out the redirect by adding this to kibana.yml
kibana.defaultAppId: ‘dashboard’
server.defaultRoute: ‘/app/kibana#/dashboards?_g=()’

However, I would still like to disable the home if at all possible.

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What I would do is use the javascript injection feature of ROR Enterprise to change or remove the href attribute of the anchor that wraps the Kibana logo, which appears the only way people can navigate back to home.

<a class="kbnGlobalNav__logoLink" href="/app/kibana#/home" data-test-subj="kibanaLogo">

Great thanks. We are already replacing the logo, so this works great.
Follow-up: Is there a way to allow Kibana management, but disable/hide Elasticearch management.

Again, you could hide it from the UI using CSS or JS injections