Error Access ROR PRO


I’m using
Kibana and Elasicsearch 5.5.0
with the plugin latest version .

when I’m on Kibana and I try to change the password for any user
It apply the changes but when I logged out and I try to access again
it doesn’t work and I have to log in with the last password .
What could be the problem?

Also If I try to create and Index the plugin doesn’t work and appears ’ forbidden by readonlyrest’
but If I check the _search , the info appears normally . what can I do?

(Simone Scarduzio) #2

Hi @hepamela can you share your YAML settings? So we can try to reproduce the issue


also I got another question
when I put the plugin
which configuration the plugin takes ? The elasticsearch.yaml or the .readonlyrest Index

(Simone Scarduzio) #4

It works like this:

  • the ES node starts up
  • parses the YAML settings
  • now checks if .readonlyrest index exists
  • if exists try to parse settings
  • if all above fails, the YAML settings remain valid
  • if the .readonlyrest index contains valid settings, adopt those.

The INFO logs should tell the story as above.

Then one more thing: if you use the Kibana plugin, keep the

    prompt_for_basic_auth: false

More missing info: you didn’t explain the test case: what user are you logged in when you’re trying to change the password?