Error with multi tenancy and reporting


Since moving to RoR 1.18.4 we’re having an issue with Reporting (Share -> CSV Reports -> Generate CSV, to be precise!). This issue only emerged since we recently upgraded from 1.18.0 - in that version we didn’t have any problem, reporting worked fine. We’re in process of testing 1.18.2 to see how that behaves - will update with that detail soon.

The issue is that if we are logged into one of our non-default tenancies, reports cannot be accessed properly, but in the default (.kibana) tenancy, all works fine.

We’ve investigated a little bit and we’ve found that reports created in non-default tenancies are still being created fine. We can see the updates in index ".reporting.kibana_<tenanancy>-<date>". However, when we attempt to access through Management -> Kibana -> Reporting, reports created the default tenancy are shown rather than those created instead. It looks like perhaps an index name is not being updated by RoR to include the tenancy name?

Appreciate if you can investigate!



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we’ve confirmed that we don’t see this issue with 1.18.2, so looks like introduced in 1.18.3 or 1.18.4.

This is all with ES/Kib 6.8.2 btw

We discovered this bug almost the same time with you when we were preparing the ROR release for 7.3.0. Currently working on this.

The new code assumes that:

  1. Users of the default tenancy (i.e. kibana_index: “.kibana”) will find their reports saved in the default reporting indices “.reporting-” (same as when ROR is not installed, as opposed to the 1.18.2 behaviour where they are saved under “.reporting.kibana-”.

  2. Users of additional tenancies will find their reports saved in ".reporting<kibana_index>-