How to control access to Kibana spaces via ROR


I checked the documentation, but could not find it. How do I setup ACL blocks to manage access to specific spaces in Kibana for different group or users?


This is a feature we did not implement at all.

ok. Any plans of adding that support?

Not for now, for two reasons:

  1. We already have the concept of tenancies in Enterprise which is way cleaner than “spaces”
  2. It does not make much sense at the moment to add this feature right before Kibana 8.x API changes will force us to basically rewrite it all over again.

In the meanwhile, is there any custom blocks that we can setup to prevent modification to spaces based on underlying indices where this configuration gets stored?

maybe ìt’s possible, leveraging the headers x-ror-kibana-request-path and x-ror-kibana-request-path