Issue with Ror 1.18.9 ent on kibana 6.8.4


I meet a problem with RoR ent on kibana , especially with (maybe, not sure) tenant, or with a non native RoR user.

Problem description : multi redirection loop on chrome , and ie timeout…

I have no problem with a local user of RoR.

Context : i just upgraded kibana from 6.2.1 to 6.8.4 ( and Ror also )

also i have this strange message in log

    at onPostAuthVersionCheck (D:\ELKG\kibana\src\server\http\version_check.js:18:34)
    at module.exports.internals.Manager.execute (D:\ELKG\kibana\node_modules\hapi\lib\toolkit.js:35:106)
    at Request._invoke (D:\ELKG\kibana\node_modules\hapi\lib\request.js:293:55)
    at Request._lifecycle (D:\ELKG\kibana\node_modules\hapi\lib\request.js:263:80)
  data: { expected: '6.8.4', got: '6.2.1' },
  isBoom: true,
  isServer: false,
   { statusCode: 400,
      { statusCode: 400,
        error: 'Bad Request',
        message: 'Browser client is out of date, please refresh the page' },
      { 'kbn-name': 'kibana',
        'kbn-xpack-sig': '7f70b429cd62aec21766b9a528fba648' } },
  reformat: [Function],
  typeof: [Function: badRequest] }
redirecting to  /login

especially this part :

expected: ‘6.8.4’, got: ‘6.2.1’

it is needed to know that I let the existing .kibana_xxx indices which were created while being on 6.2.1

did i miss something ?

it is like something 's wrong for user having a “tenant kibana”

ok found one step further :

i had to disable xpack.spaces into kibana config.

now, fighting with banner telemetry lol

well , disabled it by xpack.xpack_main.telemetry.enabled

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