Kibana Enterprise 6.3.0 upgrade - Collective Issues

Noticed a few issues on ROR 6.3.0 Enterprise and collecting it here.

FATAL Error: Plugin hapi-auth-cookie already registered in:

is the suggestion made here a temporary workaround? in AWS EC2 the suggested steps may not work for me since we install everything in CFTs. So we can’t techically run kibana and create visualizations within CFTs and apply ROR. We would need way to address this as part of CFTs.

Kibana refused to recognize the readonlyrest_kbn.proxy_auth_passthrough: true attribute

After removing the attribute and restarting the services, Kibana came up but I don’t see the login screen tenancies or anything that used to be standard as part of ROR login.

These last two makes me it feel like ROR isn’t there at all :). But when I do a kibana-plugin list - I see it in the list of installed kibana plugins! (readonlyrest_kbn@1.16.21)

Could anyone let me know if this is an issue with ROR 6.3.0? We are kind of impeded in our sprint work ever since we purchased the Enterprise version of 6.3.0. The previous trial version of 6.3.0 did not give us these issues and am wondering if the lack of kibana to “Detect” ROR ENT is because of something small like license activation, even though kibana-plugin list shows ROR installed correctly.

@Daedelus, as you can see in the forum, other 2 users had the same issue. I will have a look at how to unregister x-pack before adding ROR.

The root cause is that X-Pack stopped checking from kibana.yml the YAML setting, and creates conflicts with ROR.

Thanks Simone. Appreciate the update!

@Daedelus have you tried to add to your kibana.yml and elasticsearch.yml the following line? false

Interesting. Adding it to both got it working. So those are the formal instructions going forward? ie add the settings on both sides kibana and elastic? Its a small change on my cloudformations. Just like to know before I start putting into both our QA and PROD CFts

Yes it is the official way forward. To quote Kibana documentation

“If is set to true in elasticsearch.yml, however, you can still use the X-Pack security APIs. To disable X-Pack security entirely, see the Elasticsearch Security Settings.”

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