Kibana hide apps under categories


On a multitenancy RoR configuration, is it possible to hide in kibana the sub-links of the “Stack Management” module ?

For example, in “Stack Management” > “Elasticsearch” I would like to remove this submodules from users :

  • Rollup Jobs
  • Snapshot and Restore
  • License Management
  • Remote Clusters
  • 8.0 Upgrade Assistant

Thank you in advance for your help

Eric Rigaut

ElasticSearch version : 7.8.1 (basic version)
Kibana Version : 7.8.1
ReadOnlyRest plugins : Enterprise-1.26.1-20210209_es7.8.1

Hi Eric,

I see you are an Enterprise user, but you are using a trial build, are you aware of it?
We currently don’t support hiding sub menu items, but it would be cool. Not sure what’s the best way to come up with a generic approach that would work for other submenus too. Needs a bit of research.

Hello Simone,

Thank you for your answer, no I am not aware of the trial version, I will recheck that.

Ok for the hiding sub menu fonctionnality no supported, but I can’t hide the management menu either and it’s more annoying.

Here is the configuration I use but the management menu is still present, do you have any idea what could be wrong?

name: “:: C2_GUEST ::”
kibana_access: ro
verbosity: error
kibana_index: .kibana_test
kibana_hide_apps: [“readonlyrest_kbn”, “kibana: management”]
name: ldap-server1
groups: [“GG_A_ROR_C2_GUEST”]
indices: [“logs_test *”, “.kibana_test”]

I’m already working on this, please follow this thread instead

Thanks, I confirm that the “kibana: stack_management” configuration corrects the problem.

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