Kibana_index_template doesn't work

I have multiple ES clusters with ROR(the Enterprise ver) installed.
The kibana_index_template feature works fine in my 7.8.0 cluster with ROR 1.25.0 ES&KB plugins installed, but not in a new ES 7.12.1 cluster with ROR 1.30.1 ES&KB plugins installed
All kibana.yml files in my both clusters contain a configuration block like below

  - never
  kibanaIndexTemplate: .kibana_operator
  session_timeout_minutes: 60
  sessions_probe_interval_seconds: 360

All readonlyrest.yml files contain a configuration block like below

    - name: "for kibana read-only users"
      kibana_access: admin
      users: ["*"]
      kibana_index: "[email protected]{user}"
      kibana_hide_apps: ["readonlyrest_kbn"]
      ldap_authentication: "ldap"
      verbosity: error

In 7.8.0 clusters, I can log in as operator and create index patterns for all users. In the 7.12.1 cluster, other users can’t see what operator created.
Please provide help. Thank you

Elasticsearch/Kibana 7.12.1

Hi @deng47, yes this is the last non-primary feature currently being ported from old (ROR for Kibana < 7.9.0) to new platform (rewritten ROR).

@jan is already at work on this.

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