Kibana tenancy templating


Regarding the kibana tenancy templating configuration, I have read the documentation ( but from what i understand the functionality allows the application of only one template for all kibana tenants?

Is there a way to use multiple templates?
We need to apply a specific template per kibana tenants, because the pattern indexes for each user group are not the same.

Eric Rigaut

Interesting use case!

I propose a thing: how about we move the control of the kibana index templating feature up to the ACL?

- name: "tenancy1"
  kibana_index: ".kibana_t1"
  kibana_index_template: ".kibana_tpl_t1"

@coutoPL WDYT?

so, you’d like to move the kibana index template from kibana config to block level configuration of ROR ES? I’d like to hear also how it’s going to work (obviously we could agree it in internal jira)

it will behave exactly like kibana_index (a field in the current user metadata reponse). And because It would be basically the same thing, I was tempted to allow this syntax:

kibana_index: ".kibana_tenant1|.kibana_tenant1_tpl"

And handle everything in Kibana

I understand that all combinations of these two rules are correct (assuming that each of them can be optional in block)?

Both are optional, with the same formating constraints of any ES index (in terms of special chars, capitalization, min/max string size)

ok, added to the next sprint

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