Kibana's Dev Tool: request does not support having a body

Thanks for the help so far

ES is also dockerized, yes.

I’ve checked a couple of things:

  • Deploying the same images but without RoR installed allows the Dev Tools to work correctly.
  • The body length of the requests is 2, which I assume means the body is “{}”

What parts of the config would be useful for you to see? I’ll sanitize them and send your way.

Hi, having same problem on v7.12.1 with 1.31.0

Would love any support that is available for this issue. This is a blocker for us to upgrade our ElasticSearch cluster.

I cannot share all of our configurations, but if you let me know what is important I can sanitize it and share.

@kevinchevalier I have a new build for you to test, I will reach out privately in this forum.