LDAP connectivity failures , few questions

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Talked with @coutoPL, we think we know what the issue is. Tomorrow we’ll send you a new build :slight_smile:

(Simone Scarduzio) #42

This is the build with the fix:



thanks Simone . I’ll let you know soon if everything is ok .


ok, the service is up now with the new build .
next step is to install the kibana-plugin and then try to reproduce the failure .



Hi Simone,

the QA we’ve made after the installation succeeded.
we ran a loop which runs XGET -u useraname:password http://server_name:9200 ,
then we disabled the network card of one of our DCs , after that we enabled it and disabled the other DC we have .
we saw that after a few seconds hang the loop continued to show the output of the XGET command .

thanks a lot .

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Excellent, thanks for the feedback @alonzo!


the link you sent me was for ES 6.1.1 .
do you have a build also for 6.5.4, 6.5.1 and 6.6.0 versions ?

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Hi @alonzo,
Sure, tomorrow we’ll delete the old code and issue a new ROR version, so all the packages will have the new code.


Hi Simone , if I download today versions 1.17.6 of ROR and KIBANA plugins for ES 6.6.0 and 6.5.4 , will I have the new LDAP connector as I have in the fix you sent me for 6.1.1 ?

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Yes the new code that you helped us validating is now shared across all ES version. Thanks! :+1: