LDAP groups_from_user auth

@Darnaiz ok, thanks for the explanation
@sscarduzio could you please set the appropriate priority for RORDEV-537

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Bumped priority for this one.

@Darnaiz I was able to recreate your case our integration and unit tests and it seems that ROR works as expected.

You have shown me the configuration:

##Groups from user object
groups_from_user: true
groups_from_user_attribute: "tieneperfil"

In the context of the “Groups From User Object” case there is an important one more LDAP setting - please make sure search_groups_base_DN is set properly. IMO it should be sth like this (according to the screenshot above):

search_groups_base_DN: "ou=[...],ou=Web,ou=Perfiles,o=[...]"

Please let me know if it fixed your issue.

we’ve just improved our LDAP connector documentation. It may also help you: For Elasticsearch - ReadonlyREST

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Thanks for the documentation! It seems will be a great help. I’ll do tests in our environment this week, i’ll update you with results asap.


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