Lost hash redirection in login

Hello @sscarduzio,

We are having an issue with the login redirection and proxy_auth. It seems that you have changed the behaviour between 1.16 and 1.18.

The scenario is:

  • A user with no rorcookie tries to reach a specific url like a dashboard one.
  • He’s redirected to /login which set the cookie rorCookie if authorized
  • This /login call returns a small js code that used to redirect to the first url. Now, it’s not the case anymore:
    • Before: <script>var hashRoute = ‘/app/kibana’;\nvar defaultRoute = ‘/app/kibana’;\n\nvar hash = window.location.hash;\nif (hash.length) {\n window.location = hashRoute + hash;\n} else {\n window.location = defaultRoute;\n}</script>
    • After: <script>window.location = '/' </script>

To us, this is a regression. Two questions:

  • Could you provide a fix and when? For the record, we haven’t seen this during our test phase and realized it after the deployment, so currently customers are impacted the first time they log in (after it’s ok).
  • Do you have an idea of a workaround while we’re waiting for your fix (we’re using nginx in front fyi)


Hi @FredericBallot will have a fresh look at this tomorrow and let you know. I think it’s related to another bug we are working on.

Hi @sscarduzio,

Any news ? Customers are starting to notice the problem…

Thank you

Been working on this, not straight forward. Need more time.

Close to the solution, testing.

Hello @sscarduzio. Any news ? We modified our nginx conf to allow customer interactions but it still broken.

Thank you.

Hi @FredericBallot, I have a fix for you to test. Please tell me your Kibana version.

Hello @sscarduzio. It’s kibana v6.7.1.

Thank you

Fix validated, to be delivered in 1.18.2