Need to connect elasticsearch with Active Directory for authentication - Need help

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OK this is done by declaring multiple entries under “ldaps”, and when you write the ACL, you refer to a specific ldap server. There is an example in the docs.

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Actually I’m surprised that you managed to make authenticated Kibana work until now without the work arounds present in PRO/Enterprise plugins. And definitely, yes we have some code to handle the Monitoring part in our PRO/Enterprise plugins.

If you are interested in trying our Kibana plugins for free for 14 days, follow the start trial buttons in our website, or send a request for quote if you don’t have ready access to a credit card.


Alright thank you so much @sscarduzio


@sscarduzio, i do not have a credit card ready and have requested a quote but really looking for a 14 day trial period to see how the pro version would work. Could you provide me with the trail?

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Hi @sim, if you can’t use the credit card, the support team will be happy to handle your request manually for you. :slight_smile:


Thank you @sscarduzio. They did help. :slight_smile: