No RoR settings page 1.22.1 ELK 7.6.1


We are testing with RoR Enterprise 1.22.1
Elasticsearch 7.6.1
Kibana 7.6.1

We are getting old logout button and missing the RoR icon on the left side.
On the right top side, no RoR icon available.

Relevant config:

  enable: true
  prompt_for_basic_auth: false
  response_if_req_forbidden: "UUU GGG!"
  audit_collector: true
  audit_index_template: "'readonlyrest_audit'-yyyy.MM"
  #audit_serializer: tech.beshu.ror.requestcontext.QueryAuditLogSerializer
  - name: "yyy"
    auth_key_sha256: "xxx"
  - name: "zzz"
    auth_key_sha256: "aaa"
    kibana_access: unrestricted

We removed Kibana plugin, installed again.
We checked the Kibana logs on startup, no messages indicating something went wrong
We have this on multiple environments.
Both user YYY and user ZZZ have the same scenario.

Can you please help and tell us what we are missing?

Yes please try this:

  1. stop Kibana
  2. uninstall any ROR plugin
  3. delete everyting in the “optimize” directory in Kibana home ( rm -rf optimize/*)
  4. install the plugin again
  5. start Kibana

This worked, yes.
There was a step 3A:
Create optimize folder for the user that is running Kibana.
Now we have the icon’s etc in the correct place, thanks.

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Thank you Ronald, I amended my answer after your feedback :slight_smile: