.readonlyrest index explanation

Hello there,

i cannot find any docs how to use the .readonlyrest index in kibana, how i can append some setting in that index ? Its possible to add users in this index ? so i dont need to create yml file ?

i found this https://github.com/beshu-tech/readonlyrest-docs/blob/master/kibana.md#clusterwide-settings-vs-readonlyrestyml

But probably its only for paid version ? What the ui look like in paid version in regards of this ?

Thank you.


Hi Denis,

At the moment we don’t have a way to add users atomically, leaving all the rest of the settings untouched.
We only have a GUI in ROR PRO/Enterprise where you can add your new user and hit save. The save button will invoke an API call that will carry the whole new yaml version, validate it, and propagate it to all the nodes.


Thank you for explanation.