ReadonlyREST security settings editor: loading

ReadonlyREST security settings editor just shows “loading…”


If I open the ReadonlyREST security settings editor within Kibana, then I get a message “No settings in index -Loaded from readonlyrest.yml”, but on the editor itself, it only shows “Loading…” forever. Over the browser debugger, I can see that my initial settings from the readonlyrest.yml has been loaded and returned by JSON.

Software versions:

  • ELK / Kibana: 7.13.4
  • ReadonlyREST: /

Does somebody faced the same issue? And how can I solve this issue?

Thanks for any kind of hint.

Helo @romerfel, this looks like an issue linked to the fact you don’t have internet connectivity in your ibana instance. One of ROR’s features is to support air-gapped environments, therefore this is a bug.

This issue is currently being taken care of. Will update the thread as soon as we fix it.

Hi @sscarduzio, thank you very much for this hint.

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I think we have a PR ready for this, @Dzuming can you create a pre release so @romerfel can test it?

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I sent a private message to @romerfel (thanks for quick testing it :slight_smile: ) with a prerelease build and the issue is fixed now and will be included in a 1.36.0 ROR plugin version.

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