Removing What's New notifications icon

Elasticsearch 7.5.0 with Kibana (same ver) running 1.18.9.

New version of Kibana adds some stuff, most notably the “What’s New” column under the little “mail envelope” icon. Seems to have the little red dot for unread notifications each time I log in and it’s mostly stuff irrelevant to our end users. Have searched to see how to disable it in Kibana config, but to no avail. Any way to use readonlyrest to block it for certain users?

Screen shots:

On login:

Clicking the icon opens the “What’s New” panel:

This can be hidden easily by injecting some custom CSS in ROR Enterprise.

This isn’t something I’ve done or have any familiarity with so I’m guessing it’s a tiny bit more complicated than copying and pasting the example in that link. I’m a sysadmin, I only understand the highest level concepts when it comes to HTML stuff.

Plus, we’ve only got Pro, so I guess the answer is “no” anyway.

Yeah, the way I’d go about it is right-click on the element with Chrome dev tools, copy the CSS identifier, and then:

readonlyrest_kbn.kibana_custom_css_inject: '<css identifier> { visibility: hidden}'

The CSS selector of a certain UI element may vary according to the version of Kibana, but this process is replicable.

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Hey @cmh, a few weeks ago, when we introduced ROR Free for Kibana, we also ported CSS and JS tweaking to PRO. So in newer versions, you actually should be able to use my snippet.

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