RoR enterprise along with Elasticsaerch and kibana "basic" edition


just a simple question :

If i would like to benefit of feature of “basic edition” instead of OSS from, and to use RoR entreprise with it, do I just need to disable xpack security module (to enable compatibility ?) false ?

sorry for asking this question, it is because of the announcement of about SIEM integration into kibana, available starting at basic edition.


Hello! Yes, just add that in elasticsearch.yml and kibana.yml.

Let me know what you think of SIEM :slight_smile:

hehe nice,

well , until i got a approval/budget/validation/time/resource/ pouah
administration :slight_smile:

Maybe I may be able to do that before september, as I have to upgrade from 6.2.1 to 7.x …

It should be all either OSS or free in general, right? You mean you need approval to spend time on applying it to your business context?

Yep , it requires resources assignation validation

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