RoR Enterprise: Show support contact on login page

The login page already allows some customization with custom CSS and icon.

Maybe it would also be good to have a more standarized option where you can define some text, for example:
This Kibana environment is managed by X, in case of questions or issues please contact Y

Or reserve a bit of space in the UI of the login page where the user can place his own custom text via kibana.yml?

Maybe you can already do this with custom CSS/Javascript.
But I am a bit hesitant to go down this road to prevent issues with future release.

Use case:
Many users, links being shared, new potential users in company are unsure who to contact. Get requests via via for all sorts of people. Would like to standarize requests towards 1 generic mailbox.

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Yep this sounds very useful, and easy to do. Will add to Jira. :+1:

Hi I have a new design for the login page. If you populate the title and subtitle in kibana.yml, the login page will show this two columns design:

And for mobile it will look like this:

The current one column look will be displayed if you leave title and subtitle empty in the configuration.


Looks good to me.
So the entire part of:
“Welcome to the centralized…”
Is configurable in kibana.yml, with multi line support?

Would be great!

Yes YAML supports multi line, and this string will be a HTML snippet. So you can put anything there, new line would be
, but you could even put an iframe there if you want.

Sweet, would be perfect I think

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Great, thanks for the prompt feedback!
This will be in the next release.