Trying to enable SSL

I got Logstash to work with SSL, and had a quick question. The docs say to use the keytool, which asks you for First and Last name - in this would I put kibana (or logstash or metricbeat)?

What happens with that, is it just ROR checking to see if the user has a SSL Cert?

SSL certificates are not associates to any identity. The ES plugin will just try to extract ANY certificate from the .jks (java keystore) file and use it to accept HTTPS connections.

Are you using a self signed cert?

yeah. Will it try to take a system cert?

What do you mean a system cert? Are you following this guide?

i had email replied to this - not sure if that worked or not.

I don’t have any experience with user certs, i have some limited with system certs - wasn’t sure if a system cert would also be accepted as long as it was in a jks file.