Unexpected error while indexing monitoring document

I just updated my cluster from 7.12 to 7.17.
for three days now, I have been having this email notification for almost all the indies for three days now. but I don’t see any impact on the indices (the clusters are up and running, the indices are green). I am not sure what I am getting this alert notifications. Please any idea. Thanks.

Do you see any related logs in Elasticsearch?

Hi Sscarduzio, No I don’t see any logs relating to that.

So who sends the email? Where do you read the error message? Is there any stack trace? What’s the triggering indexing event? Any indexing or just some particular agent triggers the error?

Hi Simone, sorry I am pretty new with Elasticsearch though, I got the error message from the email sent by the system, However looks like it fixed itself, haven’t seen it again,
Thanks for your respond,

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