Weird Bugs with multi-tenancy

Hi Simone,
we are noticing some weird errors happening when using Multi tenancy the first is we often have to reselect a default index pattern. We select one log out it works for a bit then all the sudden we log back in and we have to select i again. This is a problem for users who have management hidden and can’t select one again. Screenshot below

The second one happens when we jump between indexes for clients. If I jump between client A and Client B I will sometimes see Client A’s dashboards and data in Client B. I have to log out and log in and select Client B for everything to look right again. This error can also happened if 2 users are looking at the same dashboard for the same client and then one changes clients.

let me know if you can help.

Follow up on this. Here is a live example:
I have a User logged in to a Dashboard Called “Demo” a second user logged in to look at the internal dashboard but when she clicked on visualize she is seeing everything from both the Demo index and the internal index. The two arrows in the screenshot below are the only two she should see.

Last Reply. Here is a screenshot of me logged in on the same dashbaord but seeing what I should be seeing:

Hi @cronin!

What ROR version are you using?

I am running
Kibana / Elastic 6.1.2
ROR 1.16.15_es6.1.2

Let me know if that’s what you’re looking for.


Looking at your latest release it looks like I’m 1 behind. I was thinking about upgrading to Kibana / Elastic 6.2.1. Should I try that first upgrade your plugin then report back? Or do you think this is something diffrent?

The latest version has a fix about exactly these things

Okay great. I upgraded this morning. I will let you know if we see anything else like this.

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I just jumped in this thread as I don’t really find out how to open a new one and this one looks pretty close to what I experience as an issue.

The issue I experiment is the following, whenever I’d like to set a default index pattern for a specific user (or a specific .kibana- to be precise), it is updated in the relevant template and as soon as I log out and in again, the template is updated with the value of the default index-pattern found in the “normal” .kibana index, as this index pattern doesn’t exist in the current context it is directly overwritten with “null” value making the default disapear.

Any help will be greatly appreciated (I can provide logs if needed)

Kibana/ES version used: 6.5.3
ROR plugin version: 1.17.2

Thank you in advance.

EDIT: I actually found out how to open a new topic sorry for having hijacked this one, should I open a new thread?

Yes please can you open another one?