Where i can find the readonlyrest.yml?

Operating System: Ubuntu

I installed the plugin, now where i can find readonlyrest.yml file?

You need to create it besides elasticsearch.yml

Please read this:

@sscarduzio thanks for your support

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Hi @sscarduzio,

It works fine, now i have a password protection in front of Elasticsearch server. Is it possible to have authentication / username and password for Kibana with community readonlyREST version. So just authenticated users can access. I don’t need any authorization just username and password. I checked some samples in documentation and through other articles but, right now when i access kibana it doesn’t ask for credentials.

If you installed Kibana in the same host with ES, this is the problem.

About Kibana authentication without ROR PRO/Enterprise

Yeah I hear you, but without the Kibana plugin is pretty hard. Kibana will ask you to re-authenticate every now and then because it “forgets” to forward your basic auth password. By all means, try it out yourself. Maybe it’s not that bad for you, but this is the single reason I created the Kibana plugin (ROR PRO).