0 replicas for single-node clusters

For single-node clusters using ELK version 8.6.2 and ROR version 1.54.0, the ROR indices that get created automatically when accessing Kibana have the ‘number_of_replicas’ setting equal to 1.
This happens regardless of what priority we set for our index templates, because the setting gets overwritten.
This bring the cluster to ‘yellow’ status, since it can’t allocate the shard to a different node.

Thanks for the report. We will check it

Hi @razvanv

We’re working on the issue at the moment. I’d like you to confirm that you are talking about the kibana indices for tenants created by ROR. Not about the .readonlyrest index (which is also created by our plugin). Am I right?

Yes, you are correct.

This is fixed in ROR 1.58.0