8.x build plugin

I’m trying to build a plugin version 8.x. But when I run the command, it starts to swear that the old version of the gradle. Tell me please, am I doing it wrong or are the changes for the manual assembly of the plugin not yet ready?

Kind Regards

Do you have JDK 17 installed?
You can try using this Dockerfile:

FROM openjdk:17.0.2-jdk

RUN microdnf install wget &&\
    microdnf install unzip &&\
    wget https://services.gradle.org/distributions/gradle-4.10.2-bin.zip &&\
    unzip -d /opt/gradle gradle-4.10.2-bin.zip &&\
    export PATH=$PATH:/opt/gradle/gradle-7.4.2/bin

COPY . /ror


RUN cd /ror &&\
    ./gradlew clean --stacktrace ${ES_MODULE}:ror -PesVersion=${ES_VERSION} &&\
    mv /ror/${ES_MODULE}/build/distributions/readonlyrest-*.zip /ror/ror.zip

Put in in root folder of ROR’s repo and run this command:

docker build -t build-ror:es8.2.2 --build-arg ES_MODULE=es82x --build-arg ES_VERSION=8.2.2 .

ROR plugin can be found in /ror/ror.zip in the built image.

In the next release, we will add the improved dockerfile to the repo.

Now, it’s super simple to build ROR for a given ES version. The only tool you need to have is Docker: