A way to set the default tenant

I would like to be in controle over the first tenant the users are first introduced in.

Our setup is as follow:

  1. each team has its own tenant. team-editor and team-viewer tenant.
  2. everybody has a shared tenant. company-editor, company-viewer.

We recently switched over to RoR v1.48 and using the kibana_ options to enable tenants.
With this migration the bulk of the kibana objects landed into the company- tenant.

And what we noticed is that we daily get a question about the kibana objects they lost.
The reason is that the first tentant they enter is number 1 in the list.
For a smooth transition they should first enter the second one, the company tenant.

Is there way to steer this? For example with:

  • A setting that points out the default first tenant they enter.
    In the case above i would like the company-viewer tenant to be the default.
  • The order of tenants in the readonlyrest configurations.

With kind regards.

Hello Bob!

Thanks for presenting us with this case, it’s actually very legitimate and should be present in documentation.

IIRC the natural order of available groups for users is dictated by the structure of the ACL. But the order of the blocks has an impact to the logic of the ACL itself and - in general - it would be too much to load the ACL with this extra responsibility.

So, because the reordering of the available groups is a concern for the Kibana user experience, I’d make changes right there in Kibana.

We have a way called customMiddleware for pre-processing and/or enriching the user metadata after login. You can find more info in this example in the documentation..

Maybe @Dzuming can help you with a specific example?

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