Access to an Index

Hi @sscarduzio ,

If I have an Index with two types. How can I set the permissions like this:

User A can see index/A
user B can see index/B
user C can see index/A and index/B. so the index has different types.


Hi Pamela,
You mean read permission? Or do your clients also need to write?

Hi , they also need to write.

Hi @hepamela, for read users you could use the filter rule (document level security). For the writes, it’s tough as we don’t have a rule to discriminate mapping types. And it’s very hard to go and invest on having one because mapping types are deprecated right now since ES version 6.0.x and will be entirely removed soon in ES version 7.0.x.

The only thing that remains to intercept types (for writes) would be uri_re rule (a reg exp for the HTTP path). But needs a lot of attention.