Allow lists and wild cards for kibana_index

Allow lists and wild cards for kibana_index

We currently have several customers on single ES clusters, and protect them from each other using ROR. For us it would be very handy to add an admin endoint which give us full access to what is hosted on the cluster. Such an entry point would also need access to all the kibana indices of the other users. For this we would need to be able to identify kibana requests from such a users going to .kibana_* or [.kibana_user1, .kibana_user2 ] (for example) which is currently not possible.

:eyes: Example

ROR configuration:

kibana_index: [".kibana", “.kibana_user1”, “.kibana-*”]

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This is very tricky to do on the ES plugin side. I managed to achieve something similar only recently intervening on the Kibana plugin side. Have a look at the demo: