Audit Collector - Custom number of Shards

First of all the audit_collector option is awesome and it works very well!

I have used the audit_index_template to specify the index name.

By default I believe the number of shards for an index is 5 and that is how many shards the ror index created.

Is it possible to modify the readonlyrest.yml to change the number of shards?

This would be something like:

audit_index_shard_count: 1

Does this setting exist or do we have to manually adjust the index template to 1 after the initial indexing?



Hi at the moment it’s not configurable from our YAML settings, but it’s a great idea to throw in for the next generation of audit logger serializers we are planning.

In the meanwhile, the most practical way to achieve custom index configurations is using index templates.

Great, thank you for your quick feedback! We ended up adjusting the index template and all is well.

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