Authentication via LDAP using Postman

(Greg Torrance) #1

Another question if you don’t mind:

I am able to get LDAP authentication to work using Kibana, and using Curl with a statement such as:

curl --user name:password ‘

But I can’t seem to get it working using Postman using the Authorization type “Basic Auth” with the same credentials. The ROR rule that matches with Curl does not match via Postman.

Do you know if this is possible? If so, how would I correctly pass the credentials via Postman?

Not a big deal if it’s not possible. I’m just curious.


(Simone Scarduzio) #2

Long time ago I gave up using the authorization feature in Postman, I’ve been using a raw header ever since. I don’t even remember what was wrong. You’re not alone :vulcan_salute:

(Greg Torrance) #3

Ha ha, OK :slight_smile:

Can you tell me what the raw header should look like? Seems this is what it’s trying to send:

Authorization:Basic ZWxrX2VuZ190ZXN0MTo=


(Greg Torrance) #4

It seems to be working now via Postman Basic Auth. Go figure!

(Maybe I did something wrong earlier. Sorry to bother you.)