Automatic readonlyrest.yaml deployment with validation

this is a followup to this (already closed) thread. We have the very same problem as we would like to automatically deploy configuration changes with previous validation. Mateusz mentioned there that
“Yes, we have internal API and endpoint to reload config”. Please, can you provide me with some guidelines how to use it (we understand that it’s an internal API and thorough testing would be needed before every RoR upgrade).
Btw, it would be really helpful if you made this API public and documented.

Hi Pavel, do you have an Enterprise or PRO subscription? Will add the support request to the queue accordingly.

Hi Simone,
sorry, we have an Enterprise license (specifically Enterprise 1.45.1_es7.16.3).

We’ve added it to our backlog. We are going to expose this API through Kibana (in a similar fashion to REST API | Kibana Guide [master] | Elastic)

Mateusz, thanks for your response but I’m afraid it does not help us too much in our current situation. Please, could you provide us with some guidelines how to use this hidden API right now? It’s not a big deal it changes in the future - we’ll just change our code accordingly but we need some (temporary) solution asap.

Please see the private message