Black or white kibana theme

Recently, the war between users has intensified: What is better black or white theme in kibana?
Can we solve this problem by adding a button next to the login in the upper right corner? And result of a choice to save in session? So that this setting is different for each person.

Let’s rally these people together =)

{“customer_id”: “6c4a385b-2ae8-4f02-a9cd-ef24addfb5b3”, “subscription_id”: “32d4073f-dc2f-4056-a868-842727c637cd”}

LOL - in all its frivolousness, I think it’s a good idea. We could implement a dark mode switcher, it’s also handy for our automated testing. @Dzuming WDYT?

Sure, I will analyze how to implement this feature.