Can i have this kind of user

Can I have this Kind of user without auth_key?

  name: '::EXAMPLE::'
  kibana_access: ro
  indices: [.kibana, 'project']
  kibana_hide_apps: [readonlyrest_kbn, timelion, 'kibana:dev_tools', 'kibana:discover','kibana:vizualization','kibana:management']

Because I`d like a user who can enter into Kibana but only can see a dashboard called “project” and hide the other parts of Kibana.

Can I do this?

HI Pamela,

This is not possible right now, but it’s a very nice suggestion. Please check if I understand correctly what you propose:

  1. A user navigates to Kibana
  2. No login prompt is shown
  3. The user is by default associated to a read only identity

My question is: how do you propose a non RO user should insert their credentials if they never see the login prompt?

I mean something like this, Where I setup a guess user and he can only have access to the things that I want.

OK But will I automatically be logged in as guest when I navigate to Kibana? Or would a “login as guest” button under the user/pass form be ok?

Maybe you can add the option in the yml
login_user: “true” or “false”
If it’s true, they automatically will be logged as guest user in Kibana and only can see the things that I configured. If not, they will ask for the credentials.
What do you think?

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I think it’s a great idea and we should definitely do this. It would unlock a good 80% of the “now that we have authentication we can’t share Kibana visualizations issues” issues.

The only case that it won’t resolve would be if there is multi tenancy and two users of different tenancies try to share one of their link to each other, however this approach should cover the PRO users 100%.