Can not install readonlyrest_kbn_pro-1.18.5_es6.8.3


I have problem installing kibana pro plugin:

Attempting to transfer from file:///root/
Transferring 7024179 bytes…
Transfer complete
Retrieving metadata from plugin archive
Extracting plugin archive
Extraction complete
Optimizing and caching browser bundles…

its stuck on optimizing I have waited all day long retryed many times but without result
plz help

elasticsearch and kibana version 6.8.3

Hi @shota,

Yes there is a problem with 1.18.5 PRO builds. I will send you the fixed version in PM

Please send me it too.
We buy this plugin but can’t install it.

@alxx I sent you an email with the link!

I didn’t get it. what is you email? i try to find mail in spam.