Cannot hide app infrastructure

kibana_hide_apps: [“infra:infrastructure”] does not seem to work. The app is still visible.

OS: Windows Server 2016
ELK version: 7.2.0
ROR Elasticsearch: readonlyrest-1.18.4_es7.2.0
ROR Kibana: readonlyrest_kbn_enterprise-1.18.5-pre13_es7.2.0

EDIT: Clear your session for changes to take affect as pointed out by @sscarduzio.

Try something like:

"infra:home", "infra:logs"

This does not work :confused:

Hi @peter123, I programmatically generated a list of strings you can use in kibana_hide_apps.

Just tried to see infra:home and infra:logs work, and they work in my environment. Can you make sure the identity object that shows in Kibana logs actually has the hidden apps?

In Kibana server logs, try to login with the user that is supposed to have those apps hidden, and look for this log line:

received identity payload: {“x-ror-available-groups”:[“ROR (admin)”,“Infosec”],“x-ror-kibana_index”:".kibana_infosec",“x-ror-kibana-hidden-apps”:[“readonlyrest_kbn”,“timelion”],“x-ror-kibana_access”:“rw”,“x-ror-username”:“admin”,“x-ror-current-group”:“Infosec”}

also please make sure you logout and login back again for changes to take effect!

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Thanks @sscarduzio
“infra:home” works fine, just had to clear my session. Sorry that you had to check, and thanks for the help :slight_smile:

No worries, now the documentation is more complete :raised_hands: