Cannot PUT _index_template/template_1

I was about to report this issue. We are encountering same issue on 7.8.1. By when should we expect a fix? Based on that, we will plan for our implementation.

It is in ROR 1.24.0 backlog. Will be taken soon.

Thank you for the update. Is it safe to say, in another 3 weeks then?

yes, we can say that


Is it fixed? It seems I face the same issue with ROR 1.24 for ES 7.9.2.
Could your please provide an update on this issue?


Not yet. It was postponed because of high priority requests from Enterprise users. But we will try to solve this during current (1.25.0) sprint.

Is there a github issue we can follow?

Nope. This is in our internal jira.

Ok, I just opened an issue on the github repository, where it is far easier to follow up.


When can we expect the fix?

please see my post above:

Hi there,

The new 1.25 is out, but it seems the fix is not in.
Am I right or did I miss something? Could you please update us on the status of this issue?


Yes, it was moved to sprint 1.26.0 because of ROR enterprise users hot requests which we solve in the first place. Sorry for the delay.


Would you have sone news ?
I also need that feature.

Is there any hope to have it in the next release ?


yes, for sure it will be included in the next release. I’m currently working on it. I’ll send pre-build to test soon. Just leave an info about ES version you use.


I am currently building an ES cluster 7.10.1 with ReadonlyREST 1.26.1 and I would gladly test it if you have a working pre-build because I also need this feature.


any update about this issue? We have been following this discussion but there are no updates since more than a month.
Is is fixed in any recent release?


it’s almost done. Please leave info about ES version you use and I’ll send you a prebuild to test soon.

This is already merged to develop. I’m waiting for the pipeline and I’m going to paste here links to a prebuild for ES versions mentioned in this thread. If anyone wants to test it, but didn’t let us know yet, let don’t hesitate to do it now (obviously, please give an info about ES version)

@kkt2mail ROR 1.28.0-pre5 for ES 7.9.0

@askids ROR 1.28.0-pre5 for ES 7.8.1

@bquartier ROR 1.28.0-pre5 for ES 7.9.2

@lenny ROR 1.28.0-pre5 for ES 7.10.1

And: ROR 1.28.0-pre5 for ES 7.11.1

I’d be grateful if you guys could test it and let me know if it works for you.