Cant get work elasticsearch


i installed readonlyrest on my server running Ubuntu 18.04.
But elasticsearch wont start. I get this message:

Caused by: tech.beshu.ror.commons.settings.SettingsMalformedException: Could not find required attribute 'readonlyrest' in file pidfile:/var/run/elasticsearch/,cluster:{name=elasticsearch},node:{name=8VmXMRC},path:{data=[/var/lib/elasticsearch], logs=/var/log/elasticsearch, home=/usr/share/elasticsearch},client:{type=node},http:{port=9200},xpack:{security={enabled=false}},network:{host=}

I use readyonlyrest 6.4.1 and Elasticsearch 6.4.1

Can anyone help me?


Welcome to the boards.

it seems oyu installed RoR plugin, but pretty sure that it is not 6.4.1 version, but 1.16.xx.

now about your message : it complains because elasticsearch detected the ReadonlyRest plugin, but it can not find the configuration file Readonlyrest.yml in /config , or else your readonlyrest.yml file is not structured correctly ( malformed yaml) ,

then it can not find the settings readonlyrest.

see chapter 3 in documentation (readonlyrest-docs/ at master · beshu-tech/readonlyrest-docs · GitHub)



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