Cant get work elasticsearch

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i installed readonlyrest on my server running Ubuntu 18.04.
But elasticsearch wont start. I get this message:

Caused by: tech.beshu.ror.commons.settings.SettingsMalformedException: Could not find required attribute 'readonlyrest' in file pidfile:/var/run/elasticsearch/,cluster:{name=elasticsearch},node:{name=8VmXMRC},path:{data=[/var/lib/elasticsearch], logs=/var/log/elasticsearch, home=/usr/share/elasticsearch},client:{type=node},http:{port=9200},xpack:{security={enabled=false}},network:{host=}

I use readyonlyrest 6.4.1 and Elasticsearch 6.4.1

Can anyone help me?

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Welcome to the boards.

it seems oyu installed RoR plugin, but pretty sure that it is not 6.4.1 version, but 1.16.xx.

now about your message : it complains because elasticsearch detected the ReadonlyRest plugin, but it can not find the configuration file Readonlyrest.yml in /config , or else your readonlyrest.yml file is not structured correctly ( malformed yaml) ,

then it can not find the settings readonlyrest.

see chapter 3 in documentation (