Compnay logo in ROR 8.12.1

Can you help me how to upload company logo to ROR plugin?

I found this:
It’s recommended to use a transparent PNG, negative logo. Ideally a white foreground, and transparent background.

Open config/kibana.yml and append the following:

readonlyrest_kbn.login_custom_logo: ‘https://…/logo.png’

When I open kibana.yml a write this:
readonlyrest_kbn.login_custom_logo: ‘https://usr/share/kibana/plugins/readonlyrestkbn/public/logo.png

It doesnt work. Also tried without https:// … in previous version 7.5.2 company logo worked.


Hello @miroslavkardos

In the new platform (Kibana 7.9.0 and above), the location of the assets folder changed, you should place your logo into this folder /usr/share/kibana/plugins/readonlyrestkbn/public/assets and load it like this readonlyrest_kbn.login_custom_logo: /pkp/legacy/web/assets/logo.png


Thank you @Dzuming , it is working.

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@Dzuming can we mention this in the docs?

Sure, i will add it to the docs