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I am currently using ROR Enterprise Kibana plugin. This has been very useful as we can apply settings changes without a restart on the Elasticsearch node. On the other hand, we have an automation process to deploy the ROR changes. However, we still need a human to access Kibana and click on Reload from file and Save. Is there an authenticated API Rest that could be used for that action?

Thanks in advance.

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Ola Gustavo!
Great suggestion, we should expose “Reload from file” functionality to our new API as well. @Dzuming should be easy, let’s add it to Jira!

From file? I don’t think it’s a good idea.

@gustavo.yoshizaki do you really use an “in-file” configuration?
Maybe the current ReadonlyREST API is enough for your needs?

Yeah IDK exactly the use case of @gustavo.yoshizaki and why they have to step through file updating and then reloading from file. As he described it, it does look like a peculiar choice.

The idea of having the API equipotent with the GUI makes sense though.

ok, maybe I didn’t understand the use case.

We can bootstrap ROR node using reasonlyrest.yml file. In the Enterprise version of ROR, you can use in-index settings to have one source of truth for the settings and auto-reloading.

I guess @gustavo.yoshizaki uses it and by writing “Realod from file” he meant “Save in-index settings”.

And in ROR 1.50.0 we introduced Readonlyrest API in ROR Kibana. It has two endpoints for uploading new ROR settings to all nodes (in-index mode is used). The two endpoints differ slightly - one requires passing ROR settings in the body as yaml and the other uses file upload.

I think we have all @gustavo.yoshizaki needs.

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Hi team.

Correct, I want to implement an automation based on the same mechanism that the UI provides. The ability to update the settings saved on an ES Index.

Great, I will wait for the 1.50.0 version.


It’s already out, go get it till it’s hot! :slight_smile:

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