Configurable readonlyrest.yml location

(Adrian) #1

:bulb: Configurable readonlyrest.yml location

Would it be possible to introduce a feature that would allow the location of readonlyrest.yml to be somewhere different to the default location? Perhaps by having a location specificed in an environment variable, for example?

Main reason for this in my use case is to do with running ES in Docker and the way files/volumes are mapped into containers. If I could put ROR config into a separate location it would be easier to map in in such a way that I could easily push updates to containers. Appreciate this reason is very specific to my own setup, but others may also have different reasons for why they would want to be able explicitly specify config location.

(Simone Scarduzio) #2

Hello @aidofitz, at the moment readonlyrest.yml location is worked out by checking where the elasticsearch.yml lives.

Good news is that you canalter that path using an env var before running ES.