Creating Category "Guide" in forum

(Ld57) #1

:bulb: Creating Category “Guide” in forum

It would be good to have a category in forum named guide : it would contain some more extended guide, not only related to readonlyrest, but everything around it.

I think we should let github wiki dedicated for specific configuration related to RoR.

:eyes: Example

It would be nice to be able to propose some complete guide regarding certificate management and creation using openssl (that I use),
and another using the java stuff ( I m interested to take some knowledge for example.

Also, the same as using stunnel config,
Or a complete guide of a full clustered stack under windows environnement like I use at the moment.

:rocket: Let’s do this?

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(Simone Scarduzio) #2

Yep @ld57 this is the best place for guides, better than the blog, because blog implies some chronological significance, but there’s none here. The guide is always relevant (provided that we keep it updated!).

So There’s a way to post topics in Discourse (this forum’s software) that is called “wiki mode” IIRC. We can explore that!

Also we could make good use of templates (a bit like this category’s predefined structure description-example-survey when you create a new post) to enforce some guidelines.