Delete for a rw user


Hi, If I have an rw user. How can I allow him to delete visualizations and dashboards?


(Simone Scarduzio) #2

Hi @hepamela, sorry for the delay. I found a bug in the latest ROR for ES. This might be related. Can you share what version of ROR are you using ATM?

Also, if you have ES logs saying FORBIDDEN when you try to delete it, can you paste here the log line?


I’m using

And when I try to delete. It doesn’t said FORBIDDEN in the log. I only have a kibana message saying " Visualize 400 Response" @sscarduzio

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Hi @hepamela well that’s a very ancient ROR version. We are about to release 1.16.17. Not sure how to help you here.


@sscarduzio, Which is the latest stable version of ror for kibana and elastic 5.6.0?

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Hi @hepamela, in 1-2 days we release 1.16.17 with a bunch of fixes. In the meanwhile take this