Does ROR Work With Xpack Watcher?

I tried using ROR with Sentinl But failed as Sentinl does not send a Http Authorisation Header…
So, Does Xpack Watcher Send the same and work with ROR?

Hi @shubhamverma27, no ROR does not work with watcher out of the box at the moment. X-Pack Monitoring instead should work.

is there any way to hide the ldap settings and other relevent settings from the admin user and just let him add/remove users through kibana ui?

Like in Xpack Ldap settings are in yml file while rest from ui?

Not really, we have a single settings object that can be fully edited (or not) via the Kibana plugin or yaml file.

In order to achieve that kind of granularity, we would need to transform the YAML editor into a super-complex form. Not sure it’s a good decision: the YAML direct edit is good for pasting snippets (and for you to copy-paste your setup to support).