Elastic search input to logstash

I Installed read-only rest plugin for Elastic search 5.6.1

And I changed elasticsearch.yml file for security and SSL.
They are working fine but SSL I generated locally.
When I am using elastic search as output in logstash I am using below method to escape SSL verification.

ssl_certificate_verification => false

When I am using the same thing in Elastic Search input for logstash it’s not working, Please suggest me what I am missing in below elastic search input for logstash.

input {
elasticsearch {
hosts => [ “” ]
ssl => true
ssl_certificate_verification => false
index => “logstash-index1”
user => “XXXXXXX”
password => “XXXXXXX”
size => 1000
scroll => “5m”
docinfo => true

Hello @DineshAngari,

I’m not sure Logstash has the certificate validation flag implemented in Elasticsearch input. At least in the documentation is not mentioned (as of today).

Perhaps you could ask Elastic to add it?

Thanks for your reply,Let me post in elastic search

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