Elasticsearch config file "dot" notation no longer working?

Hi, all,
we’re playing with readonlyREST 1.15.0 and see a change of behaviour, namely the ‘dot’ notation is no longer working. Eg:

readonlyrest.enable: true

used to work, and now lets ES crash with

[2017-05-24T13:11:35,404][INFO ][o.e.d.DiscoveryModule ] [esints02-ites_internal] using discovery type [zen]
[2017-05-24T13:11:36,603][ERROR][o.e.b.Bootstrap ] Guice Exception: org.elasticsearch.plugin.readonlyrest.settings.SettingsMalformedException: Not find required attribute 'readonlyrest’
at org.elasticsearch.plugin.readonlyrest.settings.RawSettings.req(RawSettings.java:73)
at org.elasticsearch.plugin.readonlyrest.settings.RawSettings.inner(RawSettings.java:146)

while using

enable: true

works as expected. The issue for us is that we are configuring ES with the upstream puppet module which automatically converts to configuration to the dot notation.

We see this in ES 5.4.0 and ROR 1.15.0 Bug or feature ? Thanks a lot!

P.S.: https://forum.readonlyrest.com/t/reducing-the-size-of-the-configuration/97 seems related.

@coutoPL what do you think of this? Is it easy?

@schwicke I finally managed to fix this, do you want to test it? What ES version are you using?

@sscarduzio Thanks a lot for the fix! We’ll test it when we get to the next service development round.

OK sounds good :slight_smile:
For the records, this issue is fixed on 1.16.7-pre2

Thanks a lot for the fix! I’m looking into the new 1.16.8 which you just released.
While doing so I stumbled over a dependency (on Oracle Java?) which I think may not be really needed.

The offending line is:

/home/uschwick/rpmbuild/BUILD/elasticsearch-readonlyrest-plugin-1.16.7_es5.4.0/core/src/main/java/org/elasticsearch/plugin/readonlyrest/httpclient/RRHttpRequest.java:20: error: package javafx.beans.binding does not exist
import javafx.beans.binding.StringBinding;

I can’t see a reference to StringBinding in that file though. Removing the import make the file compile just fine (using openjdk).

That rogue import was not caught by my IDE cleanup functionality. Weird. Fixed in 1.16.8-pre3.